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From the web designer: Newsgroups


Newsgroups (Usenet):  

I posted this website in news groups hosted by road runner. Apparently, I did not meet basic Usenet guidelines. A  concerned user replied to my postings. The user thought I was soliciting Spam. My intentions I assure you were innocent.  

I posted a message in several different "home" groups, not just one. My message basically was asking users to visit this web site. Since I published a message in several different groups, what I did fell in the definition of what UseNet guidelines say Spam is. resource: What is Spam in UseNet groups? Link provided by UseNet member  

During the newsgroup conversation, I posted my reply to the other users  above the original comments. Wrong Again!! The UseNet Standard is to respond below the original message.  resource: allmyfaq. Link provided by UseNet member 

Prevent embarrassment caused from ignorance. Check out the links on UseNet (newsgroups) Standards below:

Other links provided by group member.

From the web designer: Internet Tolls



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An internet troll is a term that defines the behavior of a person who browses posted messages in several different newsgroups (UseNet) and who answer posted messages to get a reaction and attention from the group. Trolls post such messages to get attention, to disrupt newsgroups, and simply to make trouble.

    Troll Links:

How to fight trolls

What are trolls